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Regcharles Finance and Capital Limited (formerly Alex Finance and Trusts Limited) is a Non-Banking Financial Institution licensed by CBN to provide Investment management Services, transactional services, credit services, debt and equity solutions, foreign exchange logistics, financial advisory services and business advisory to the general public and institutions.

At Regcharles, our target is to support capacity building,  entrepreneurship and inculcate savings culture by providing tailored financial solutions and advisory services to a distinct set of prospects different from competition such as consumers and households; GEN-Ys, Micro, small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) with a possibility of extension to top level firms; Non Profit Making Organizations. With an array of products and services designed to delve into the market specialties hitherto avoided by other institutions but remains the validity of economic development and empowerment, we are well positioned to create a niche in the market.



1.  Help SMEs in Nigeria and Africa expand their access to finance for sustainable development.

2.  Stimulate an improved business environment that will enable the SMEs thrive successfully.

3.  Improve access to markets, business skills and information.

4.  Improve the SME financial infrastructure.

5.  Creation of new opportunities through innovation.

6.  Leverage on the expertise and support of multilateral financial institutions and government to provide a portfolio of services to this missing middle.

7.  Position ourselves to create and capture value in this untapped and profitable segment.

8.  Be a center of risk management and a leading provider of financial solutions for the SMEs.

9.  Support the creation of an environment through which SMEs will have access to debt, FDI and portfolio investments flows can be enhanced.

10.  Provide the required advisory services clients in areas like business valuations, corporate strategy, investment appraisals, evaluating, structuring, negotiating monitoring, and closing transactions, M&A, portfolio restructuring, fund raising etc. in order to create financially stable entities for the SMEs.

11.  Be a center of excellence in innovative consumer finance structures in Sub-Saharan Africa.




1.  Consumer Market and Households

2.  GEN-Ys

3.  Non Profit Making Organizations

4.  SMEs in the following sectors:

    5.  Agribusinesses

    6.  Energy, Power and Utilities

    7.  Maritime

    8.  Financial Institutions, Foreign Institutions and DFIs

    9.  Manufacturing

    10.  Construction

    11.  Mining

    12.  Conglomerates

    13.  Health Care

    14.  Transportation

    15.  Technology, Media and Telecommunications

    16.  Retail Chain Services e.g. restaurant chains, event management companies, hotels, printing and publishing, courier/freight/delivery, weaving and tailoring, tipper owners and quarry operators etc.
































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