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How does it work?
In the microequity model, the investor offers capital to an existing enterprise with steady and growing income, (now in need of additional capital) or to a startup with great potentials in exchange for a small share of the businesses’ equity; guaranteeing the investor of continued returns over time. In doing so, both parties have a commitment to ensure sustained growth of the business.

The entrepreneur/business owner on the other hand who receives the large sums of capital gets the opportunity to repay the loan conveniently over a longer period of time as agreed by both the investor and entrepreneur. This gives the entrepreneur the opportunity to fully focus on building his/her business and increasing his profits as opposed to worrying about repayment of loans.

It doesn’t end there; the Investor (usually a Micro Finance Institution), to ensure the success and growth of the business usually goes further to empower the micro-entrepreneur by providing (Venture incubation services for the startups and) the necessary tools needed to grow the enterprises.


This comes in the form of capacity development training, market research, feasibility studies, business planning and structuring, book keeping services, education on environmental friendly business practices etc. In doing this, the Micro-entrepreneur is mentally empowered and becomes socially oriented in managing of his/her business.


      •  Increased profits and financial freedom.

      •  Alleviation of poverty and increased standard of living

      •  Expansion of business which results in employment of more staff (ensuring reduction in           unemployment).

      •  Inculcation of savings culture.

      •  Orientation on best environmental practices.

      •  Capacity building and training.


Here at RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited…
We have four tested and tried investment strategies we follow, which include:

      •  Straight Debt.

      •  Microequity

      •  Debt & Equity

      •  Micro-lending


We can boldly say that the Micro equity model is one that works. In less than a year of operations, we have successfully employed this model in our dealings with quite a number of micro-enterprises. Small scale entrepreneurs, most whose ideas had been turned down by banks and in some cases even micro finance institutions found their way to us.













































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