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At RegCharles, our focus is to provide sophisticated financial solutions to MSMEs, consumer markets, GEN-Y, and not for profit firms. We provide mezzanine, micro-equity and debt capital to companies at all stages of their business cycles; from seed to maturity and exit stages in order to match short term and long term financing needs. Our goal is to assist companies in all phases of the business growth cycles, not just during a specific round or stage of investment. We are committed to long-term relationships and risk sharing. We provide financing through two major ways:


   •  Micro-Equity Solutions
We provide companies with business management experience and a stable financial base on which to make strategic decisions. We do this because we believe in your ability to succeed and we are able to achieve this long term success with you by taking a shareholding position on the board of the business. The essence of this shareholding position is to provide value add services to the business such as:

      •  Access to markets

      •  Access to smart capital

      •  Access to highly discounted audit services

      •  Access to highly discounted management, business and financial advisory services

      •  Access to highly discounted Information Technology services such as website design and  online marketing

      •  Access to intelligent market and sector information.


In this model, when RegCharles takes board position on the business, a staff is appointed to monitor and ensure that the plans of the business are being followed thereby maximizing production capacity and increasing efficiency in service delivery. This ultimately ensures that our investors’ funds are secure and that they are able to get returns that are commensurate to the risk taken. Businesses can be financed for a tenor of one (1) to five (5) years.


   •  Debt Solutions

We are committed to services specifically designed to meet the unique needs and purposes of our varied clients. Our credit products are borne out of the perceived need to provide accessibility of capital. Some of these products include:


      •  RegCharles Business Loan Facility: This product is targeted towards small businesses that require facilities to augment their working capital requirements. The tenor is usually from three (3) months to thirty six (36) months.


      •  RegCharles LPO/Contract Financing: This product is specifically for business owners who wish to finance local purchase orders and contracts. The tenor is usually from three (3) months to six (6) months.


      •  RegCharles Export Financing: This product is targeted towards businesses in the line of exportation of products to other countries. The tenor is three (3) months to nine (9) months.


      •  RegCharles Project Financing: This product is targeted towards real estate and construction projects. The tenor is usually one (1) to five (5) years


      •  RegCharles Corporate Lease Finance: This product is targeted towards the financing of assets for small businesses in the form of a finance lease. The tenor is usually one (1) to five (5) years. These products are usually collaterised by fixed/movable assets as well as individual and corporate guarantees of companies or individuals of high repute.


RegCharles understands that structured income earners across all industry segments face numerous liquidity challenges. We know that you need a financier who can provide you with tailored finance that addresses your unique individual needs.  As an innovative non banking financial service company in the Nigerian economy, RegCharles has designed credit products for her chosen markets in the consumer market. These products include:


Click below to Read more on the Consumer Financing Products.


       •   RegCharles Lease Finance

       •   RegCharles Business Loans

       •   RegCharles Instant Money!
































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