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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q- What does Regcharles offer?

A- Regcharles offers a combination of finance and business support and guidance to entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our finance is customised to suit the unique circumstances of each client. At Regcharles, you get more than finance - you are also given access to expertise to increase the probability of success. We manage this with you through a proven process that strengthens your plan by focusing on addressing the issues that potentially threaten your business’s ability to make a profit. We also provide support and guidance in rigorously planning and driving positive cash flows in your business. With the appropriate financing, a sound plan and our support in managing your cash flows, your business is in a position where profits increase and your business succeeds.


Q-Which industry sectors does Regcharles invest in?

A- Regcharles invests in all commercial, Agricultural and manufacturing sectors.  


Q-Which industries does Regcharles not invest in?

A-Regcharles does not invest in any businesses which do not comply with applicable environmental, legal and social requirements. For additional details on our exclusions list, please contact us at our website and/or office.


Q-What kind of businesses does Regcharles invest in?

A-Regcharles serves entrepreneurs that own and manage their own businesses, regardless of the stage of development. These include start-ups, expansions, outright purchases, management buy-outs, management buy-ins and franchises. Generally, we support businesses and SME’s.


Q- Does Regcharles offer value adding services?

A- Regcharles has a network of in-house business experts which spans across eight countries and multiple sectors. This pool of expertise is made available to our clients from inception, assisting them in a range of services. These include evaluating the potential of a client’s business plan; monitoring the plan’s execution, marketing and HR guidance and continuous cash flows monitoring and analysis.


Value-added support for your business


Q-What are the main criteria for investment?

A-Regcharles assesses its clients based on their potentials along two critical elements: the ability of the entrepreneur to efficiently run and manage the business and the ability of the business to make a profit in the long term. Our primary focus is the ability of the entrepreneur; therefore we have stringent selection criteria when it comes to selecting the entrepreneurs we support. Regcharles looks for an entrepreneur with commitment, integrity, drive and vision, appropriate experience and sufficient skills.  Business potential is evaluated in terms of the product or service. We examine the market acceptability for the product or service, the market size that the business wishes to enter and pay attention to the gearing of the business and its ability to grow over time. We also take the business’s history into account, along with the stage of its development and profit potential in the mid-to-long term, technical details and its location.  


Q-  What is the requirement regarding the entrepreneur’s own contribution?

A-  Although Regcharles does not have a minimum requirement regarding contribution from our clients, a lack of own contribution places strain on the gearing of the business, which ultimately affects its ability to continue doing business in the long term.  


Q - What security is required for Regcharles finance?

A- Regcharles believes in financing a business based on their future potential (i.e sustainable cash flows) and therefore does not have the same security requirements that commercial banks do. That being said, the level of security has a direct impact on the kind of transaction that we are able to offer and also affects the overall pricing of the finance.


Q-What is the repayment period?

A- In partnership with the client, Regcharles establishes a suitable repayment period during the initial investment negotiations.


Q- What investment options does Regcharles offer?

A- Regcharles investments are structured using loans, micro equity, equity and shareholders’ loan accounts or any combination of these depending on the kind of business.


Q - How does an entrepreneur qualify for Regcharles’s value-added support?

A - Regcharles supports all entrepreneurs. Therefore, any entrepreneur with a formal business that shows clear potential is eligible for our support. We consider each application based on its merits and its potential profitability. The ability, experience and market knowledge of the entrepreneur(s) is the most important factor we consider when assessing an application, followed by the market need for the product or service.


Q - How do you apply for finance?

A - You can apply through Regcharle’s website or by arranging an appointment with a Business Manager. To determine the potential of a business we do require certain documents and information. As such a business plan assists us in understanding the background and activities of the business, the funding requirements, the entrepreneurs involved, and the business’s future plans.


Q - How long does it take from submitting a business plan to a decision taking point? 

- This depends on how comprehensive the business plan is the complexity of the matter and the level of co-operation from the entrepreneur. We endeavor to make a decision on the potential of a business plan within 10 working days of submission.


Q - Why Regcharles and not a bank?

A - Banks are failing to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and their businesses. They are inflexible, expect high levels of security for all their lending, and lack empathy for, or understanding of their entrepreneurial customers. Unlike banks, we are available when clients need us and we consider applications on the basis of the potential of the business and credibility of the entrepreneur. Through a rigorous risk analysis process, we ensure that we really understand a business and its needs. Through developing a long-term partnership between ourselves and the entrepreneur, we grow to understand the business and support its goals. We not only provide businesses with a tailor-made finance solution, but also business expertise and guidance in assisting the entrepreneurs in making a success of their business. People are the most important part of our business and we aim at delivering what each client needs. We work in a friendly yet highly professional manner, always championing the needs of the business, as our clients come first.


Q - What does Regcharles charge for the finance offered?

A - Regcharles offers unique financing solutions for entrepreneurs. The price of the funding is structured in accordance with the overall risk of the transaction. A client with a lower risk profile will have access to lower rates compared to those with a higher risk profile. This is owing to the inherent financial risk as well as the business risk involved.


Q - How does Regcharles structure these solutions?

A - Regcharles chooses debt, equity and other financial structures, as these are the instrument of choice for entrepreneurs. Our pricing is based on an interest rate that is market driven. The value added business expertise and guidance is priced separately.


Q - Does Regcharles always become a shareholder in the company?

A - Not all the time. Regcharles prefers not to take up shareholding in a business. There is a range of financing products available in which a shareholding is not obtained. In a high-risk transaction, Regcharles may request to be compensated for the risk by negotiating a shareholding in the business.
































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