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Our Mandate is to create, protect , multiply and catalyze the wealth of our clients in chosen markets by ensuring access to finance, markets, information and advisory for the small and growing businesses using various financial and strategic structures in the process. We are mindful of your hard earned income and also quite focused on increasing your returns for every penny invested with us. We have a holistic approach to wealth management which is determined by each client’s needs and preferences.


The model we have chosen to operate is the Impact Investing one, hence our membership of  Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) and United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI). These reporting establishments provide useful tools in measuring our social impact investment in Nigerian MSMEs.


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RegCharles Fund Management Products are: (Click to learn more about the Product.)

      •  RegCharles Philanthropy Investment Note (RPIN)

      •  RegCharles Wealth Management (RWM)

      •  RegCharles Flexi Investment (RFI)

      •  RegCharles MSME Impact Fund (RMIF)

      •  RegCharles Investment Note (RIN)

      •  RegCharles Employee Investment Plan (REIP)

      •  RegCharles Kiddies Investment Plan (RKIP)

      •  RegCharles Alternative Investment Note (RAIN)

      •  RegCharles Lease Investment Note (RLIN)

      •  RegCharles Project Target Investment Plan (RPTIP)

      •  MAR Fund - Marketing document

































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