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Mr. Segun in his fully funcional Polythene Production Factory

Purio Nigeria Limited (PNL) which registered office is at No 280, Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, pleasure bus-stop; Abule Egba has been involved in the production of polythene packaging solutions and seeks to expand operations to meet increasing demand to a real sector player.


Purio Nigeria Limited prides herself in a range of general polythene products such as Shrink Wraps, Pet bottles, Garbage Bags, polythene bags, Courier Bags, Multilayer Bags, Vacuum Bags, Caution Taps, Stretch wraps, Woven sacks, Zipper bags, Shopping Bags, Pallet Covers, Sleeve Labels, Heavy Duty Chemicals, Packaging bags and Bopp laminated pouches.


Oluwasegun, a passionate and resilient entrepreneur, left the comfort of his job with a distinct vision in mind, ‘to set up and run a world class Polythene Packaging Solutions enterprise.’ He started off Purio Nigeria Limited (PNL) with his personal savings and loans from family and friends. After operating for some time, his company was faced with both external and internal factors working against its survival.

Factors such as poor internal control processes, low access to market and business information, high operational costs, economic downturn, floundering profits, government policies and regulations made it difficult for the company to stay afloat. After many failed attempts to secure loans from commercial banks and finance institutions, PNL came in contact with RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited.


Running with the Micro equity model, we were able to make a herculean change in Purio Nigeria Limited. After meeting with them and evaluating their situation, our team of experts stepped in, plans and strategies were drawn to provide a financial solutions and consultancy to their business problems. The results are speaking today, PNL can now boast of a being a well structured company, with capable and sufficient employees, top class equipment, quality internal process, and foreign deals in the works. Click here to read more on our accounts
































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