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At RegCharles, we offer a vast array of Investment and financial advisory services to our customers. These services are targeted towards building sustainable and profitable businesses for our customers. They include:


Business Plan Writing

We develop and write business plans for companies that are at start-up or expansion stages, based on their business ideas and/or existing operational models. These plans are written by RegCharles Finance and Capital Ltd with the intent to cover everything including; operational, marketing and financial plan as well as industry overview and identification of business risks and mitigants, thereby giving the company a guide to the successful running of the business. It also provides an avenue for the company to articulate its ideas for proper dissemination to prospective investors.


Feasibility Assessment and Plan Writing

We can assist in carrying out feasibility assessments on behalf of customers who want to launch a new business venture or project. The aim of this assessment is to evaluate the success potential of a project or venture as well as to examine its credibility. It also serves as a solid foundation for building the business plan of a proposed venture or project. The process will involve an assessment of the economic, operational, legal, technical and financial feasibility of the proposed venture. After the assessment is done, all the findings will be put together in a document format that can be presented to stakeholders involved in the business venture or project.


Industry Research Report Writing

We assist in carrying out research and analysis of different industries for clients who are interested. In the course of the research, we will examine parameters like: trends in the industry, forecasts for the industry, the industry’s economic indicators, dominant players in the industry, the financial size of the industry, frequency of development of new products in the industry, among many others.


Financial Modeling

We assist in developing financial models for companies. We are able to achieve this with the aid of past trends in the business as well as assumptions to be made for the projection of the business. This involves constructing a financial representation of the company by performing calculations and making recommendations based on provided information. It is particularly useful for companies who want to calculate, forecast and estimate their financial numbers, for the purpose of attracting investors or developing a plan for the growth of the business.


Business Modeling/Restructuring
We assist businesses in developing a framework of how value is created, captured and delivered by the organization. It is the process in which the business strategy of the proposed organization is structured. It aims at developing core aspects of the business, such as; objectives, target customers, product offerings, operational processes, revenue streams, key resources and so on.


Due Diligence
We assist in carrying out due diligence on companies/entrepreneurs/small businesses etc on behalf of corporate organizations prior to the signing of a contract or agreement for business collaboration We also carry out examination of potential targets for corporate finance transactions, i.e. third party assessments on behalf of organizations for the purpose of acquisitions or mergers.


Mergers & Acquisition Advisory
We offer advisory services to corporate organizations on the verge of merging with or acquiring other organizations. This is usually done for the sole purpose of growing the organization and making it sustainable. We usually carry out a valuation of the proposed companies to be acquired or merged with and then advise our clients on the best offer to pursue. We also assist with the negotiation processes.


Fund Raising and Deal Packaging

We assist corporate organizations in raising capital and fund raising proposals. We do this for organizations whose businesses do not fall within our sector focus and whose fund requests are larger than our deal sizes.
































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