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M.S.M.E Development



At RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited, our Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (M.S.M.E.) Division provides start-ups and growth SMEs with the ideal location to develop and grow their businesses, offering everything from virtual support, value-add service, access to market, pre and post-funding capacity development trainings, through to state of the art innovative processes and everything in between.


At RegCharles, our M.S.M.E. Division’s team of professionals also provides direct access to hands-on intensive business support, access to finance and expertise and to other entrepreneurs and suppliers to really help businesses and the entrepreneurs to grow - faster.


Starting any business is fraught with uncertainty, financial burdens and resource issues, but more so with innovative and entrepreneurial businesses due to the complexity of the products and services being developed and, often, the length of time it takes to fully develop the product. Our M.S.M.E. professionals are knowledgeable in the development of business ideas, and translating same into well-structured business entity. They are ideally placed to help innovators and entrepreneurs to overcome some of the hurdles and to negotiate a path to the all-important finance and mentoring all entrepreneurs need

At RegCharles, the MSME Division provides a nurturing, instructive and supportive environment for entrepreneurs during the critical stages of starting up and growing a new business. The goal of our MSME Development framework is to increase the chance that a start-up will succeed and achieve growth and shorten the time and reduce the cost of establishing and growing its business. As soon as the businesses successful, according to our slogan “Succeeding with you”, our Advisory professionals can help to nurture the companies that will form the true creators of the nation’s future wealth and employment.

The 5 Stages of Small Business Growth

“All types of small businesses and other businesses that fall under MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) go through the same stages.”

A corner dry cleaner and a fast growing publishing company may not seem similar, but experience and research has shown that they both go through the same struggles. They may act differently, have different organizations and use different management styles, but they face common problems that happen at similar stages in their growth. At RegCharles Finance and Capital Limited, our M.S.M.E Division understands the stages of small business growth and their inherent problems. These help us to access where they are in the growth pattern and also anticipate what is required for them to succeed.


Five Stages of Growth:


Existence Stage: At this stage, which is the beginning of the start-up phase, the business idea moves to structure with the sole goal to exist and survive.


Survival Stage: After the Start-up, comes the need for the business to survive. At RegCharles, we ensure the SMEs produce products that people can and will buy.


Success Stage: At this stage, our SMEs are economically healthy. At RegCharles, we also ensure they are generating better returns for continued growth and success.


Takeoff Stage: This is a pivotal time for the business. At this stage, we ensure the business becomes more than just a successful company but also a going concern entity.


Maturity Stage: The resource maturity stage is of paramount importance in every business - Micro, Small or Medium. We encourage innovation and broader capacity development trainings to broaden their horizon and expand their scope.



Summary of MSME functions:


Advisory & Restructuring: This unit handles prospects or clients with management issues, structural issues, performance issues as well as businesses that require improvement in any aspect of their business. Specific areas of specialization include:

      •  Management restructuring

      •  Operations improvement (Processes and procedure restructuring)

      •  Business automation

      •  Performance improvement

      •  Turnaround planning and management

      •  Change management

      •  Advisory also liases with internal and external audit unit in solving clients financial and control issues.

Portfolio Management: This unit acts as the face of Regcharles to our Finance clients. They manage the relationship between Regcharles and our funded client, looking into ways to improve their business through Advisory and monitoring services. They act as solution providers for clients during the post funding face and discharge face.


Funds & Investment: This unit handles inflow of funds and disbursement of funds to clients. They work on bringing in funds for fixed deposits and screening the businesses to be funded. They are the first point of contact for prospective clients, they screen and perform due diligence on prospects before they can be considered for finance.


Agric-Finance: As the name implies, the portfolio deals with businesses that comes majorly from non-profit making organizations such as churches, NGOs, foundations, charity organizations, Embassies and High Commissions, Govt. agencies and parastatals, etc.


Internal / External Audit: This unit focuses more on financial advisory and its implementation. This includes but is not limited to

      •  Preparation of statement of affairs

      •  SOP (Standard Operating Procedures

      •  Forensic review of bank statements

      •  Bank negotiations
































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