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At RegCharles, we place immense value on independent and unbiased research and data analysis as it is a vital element in our business decision making processes. We do not underestimate the need to keep up-to-date with market information and industry happenings to ensure the company is well aware of opportunities and threats at every point time. Our approach is that of consistent and ongoing research on business and economic issues as we believe that the most effective way to identify the best deals is through fundamental research. Our research involves an in-depth review of strategy, asset allocation, international and national trends, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

At RegCharles, our core focus is investing in high potential and impact Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), hence, prior to making investments in such businesses the research division is charged with the responsibility of conducting an in-depth industry analysis, market research and feasibility study amongst other efforts.

With great spotlight on MSMEs, our research focus is on Agriculture, Strategies for start-ups, women and youth entrepreneurs, Value Chain Opportunities and trends across industries/sectors we invest in. Our research team is highly proficient, organized and seek to deliver timely and relevant information to support the company and clients at every point in time. Periodic Reports circulated/sold by RegCharles include:

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